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Hi! I'm here to share my weird stuff with you, It's not really good but I hope you'll enjoy it!
I'm a huge Fairy Tail's fan but I love other anime/manga too.
Let me know what you think on my ask ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ー♪

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Italian/student/cosplayer/Lucy is my waifu/ NaLu OTP <3


Pink Transparent Star

Anonymous said: Do you have planned drawing more Laxana in the future? :D

yup, I still have some Laxana requests left! :)








melllllly thefairystales
Lol I think I know what this is saying but omg.

What?! What?! Where is this from?! O_O!!


I really want to read this volume now!

Fantasy ♥ Boyfriend
~Who is her boyfriend?!~
Lucy is of marriageable age!! For now… She only knows about romance from novels but she wants to fall in love someday! When that time comes, who will her partner be…? She may have taken the liberty of fantasizing about the possibility of falling in love with one of her close comrades. ♥

According to this picture, I guess it’s a list of Lucy’s potential boyfriends. So far, entry 1 is Natsu and entry 2 is Gray.

Yeah, here’s the Gray pic.
Happy really cares about Lucy, I was so touched reading his relationship chart that I had to draw a cute interaction between them
what about an evil, E.N.D. Natsu?
OMG I&#8217;m so in love with this idea nnngh-
slayeroflaw said: Just would like to send a message in order to thank you for drawing my request. It was absolutely flawless. Your Laxana art makes my heart melt. My OTP.~

No prob *^* Thank you for the request, and sorry for the delay ywy I changed their positions 490505 times nng-

Anonymous said: AHHH. You drew Laxana again! *Shipper noises* You can't imagine how much I LOVE your art for them.

I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks!