omg I just wanted to say that your drawings are soo beautiful! I love your drawing c: I think you're good at it and you have a lot of potential so don't stop! I want to see more of your drawings <3

what a cutieeee, thanks! <3 I’ll work hard! :D


you know which idea would be VERY fun to draw? If you accept requests of course :) NaLu + Happy, Gajevy + Lily, Rowen + Carla, Laxana + Pikachu, Kinabra + a snake, StingYu + Lector and Rogura (Rogue x Kagura) + Frosch. All Dragon Slayers + their girls and pets! :D

Ok, I thought about it, but I don’t know how to do something with so many people D: I’m really sorry ;///;


Could you please draw a LoLu wedding

I’m really sorry but I don’t really ship them ;///;

I wanted to make both happy so I came up with this idea! Hope you like it >3<


waaaaaaah , ur drawing so is kawaaaii specially the gruvia's wedding one *.*

thank youuuu, your support is really important to me <3
I hope to better and better >///<

plus I loved to draw them!

Gaaaaaah I love to draw them! It was my first time drawing a wedding dress too >///<
Gray is already naked btw

Thanks for the compliments ;///; <3


I like your beach nalu/gruvia pic that you did just now. I reblogged, and your artwork got so much better. I will look forward to more of your work. and I saw your deviant art, Is that really you in the Lucy cosplay, it's amazing. by the way you watch the big bang theory what you think of a idea of FT characters as the BBT cast.

Thank you so much for your support and sorry for the late reply, I really appreciate your support :) Yup that’s me X°D I love Lucy really much, and I love to cosplay her <3 btw I know the big bang theory but I’m not really expert on it so I don’t think to be able to do a good crossover with Fairy Tail, I’m so sorry ;///;

here you have it~


Hello. Sorry to be a bother. Just wanted to say love your drawings ^^ That Natsu and Lucy with Gruvia pic was amazing. Ever consider doing a sequel of Nalu watching them from afar? Again sorry to bother. I hope you have a wonderful day,



OMG I’m really silly, I should post the image right here :’) Too late >///<

I am happy you liked my idea. I’m that anon btw. ^^;
Sorry, just extremely shy when talking to new people. Thank you for trying out my idea though. I greatly appreciate it ^^

Aw what a sweetie! I’m really shy too ^///^” but I’m really happy that you liked it, and your idea inspired me a lot! As you can see, I love to draw NaLu <3


u should draw more jerza. your latest jerza piece was amazing

I need more ideas for them, plus I never feel good enough to draw their beautiful relationship, but I’m really happy to hear that! I’ll try to draw them more frequently then!